Friday, July 1, 2011

Puzzle Cruise (UKPA)

Anchors Aweigh!

Welcome aboard the perplexing Puzzle Cruise! The
national puzzle test for the United States are being
held in a few weeks, so what perfect time to explore
the puzzling seven seas and get your toes wet
before the real exam?
Puzzle Cruise is designed to be a simulation of a
typical USPC test, which means you can be sure to
expect a splashing variety of puzzles ranging from
logic to visual. There will be 20 puzzles and you will
have 2 and a half hours to fish out as many correct
answers as you can.
Each puzzle is worth a certain amount of points if
you get it right – but attempting one and getting it
wrong will cost you 5 points. The maximum score
for Puzzle Cruise is 300 points, but who’s counting?
Have a pleasant journey.

Bon Voyage!
Puzzle Cruise (Puzzle Instructions)
1. Battleships 5
2. Sudoku 10
3. Anglers 5
4. Bermuda Triangle 10
5. Count Me In 5
6. Masyu 10
7. Pearls 10
8. Lifesavers 10
9. Weird Calculator 15
10. Yajilin 15
11. The Giant Octopus 15
12. Aquarium Display 20
13. Digital Futoshiki 20
14. Loch Ness Monster 15
15. Ship Sudoku 20
16. Consecutive Loop 15
17. Voyage for Shark Fins 20
18. Pentomino Pool 25
19. KakurOH! 30
20. Man Overboard 25

Duration    150 minutes
Start Time    Fri 1 Jul 2011 12:00 BST (GMT+1)
End Time    Mon 4 Jul 2011 03:00 BST (GMT+1)

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