World Puzzle Federation (WPF)

World Puzzle Federation (WPF)
Ever wondered who is responsible for conducting "World Sudoku Championships" and World Puzzle Championships"? It is  World Puzzle Federation
The World Puzzle Federation is an association of legal bodies with an interest in puzzles. Only one organization per country can belong to the WPF. The WPF follows the Olympic standard in what constitutes a country. 
The goals of the World Puzzle Federation are:
• to provide the means for an international exchange of puzzle ideas;
• to stimulate innovations in the field of puzzles;
• to supervise the annual World Puzzle Championship (WPC) and other puzzle activities;
• to foster friendship among puzzle enthusiasts worldwide.
You can find on their website the person who is the member from your country and also you can find information regarding all the Puzzles and Sudoku championships to date there.

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