Argio-Logic Sudoku July 2011

Argio-Logic  Sudoku July 2011
You have two and a half consecutive hours to complete the sudoku variants.
At the right date, a "start" link will appear above.
As soon as you click on "start" you will be brought to the starting page and the clock will start.
Whoever realizes more points with less time will be the winner.
The final results will be available on Monday.

Classic Mini Sudokupoints 2
Jigsaw Mini Sudokupoints 4
Tris Sudokupoints 6
Sum Sudokupoints 10
Even Odd Sudokupoints 10
Kurve Sudokupoints 10
Classic Sudokupoints 12
Exclusion Sudokupoints 12
Diagonal Sudokupoints 12
Anti Knight Sudokupoints 13
2even 2odd Sudokupoints 14
Non-Consecutive Sudokupoints 16
Touchy Sudokupoints 17
Greater Sudokupoints 18
Between 1 and 9 Sudokupoints 18
Jigsaw Sudokupoints 18
No Mirror Sudokupoints 20
Colors Groups Sudokupoints 28
Killer Sudokupoints 30
Frame Sudokupoints 30

TOTALpoints 300

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Rajesh Kumar said...

Contest is already over. Anyway visited your website. Found it quite interesting.