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In most puzzle competitions on this website is about solving puzzles. But there is a very different discipline, the puzzle is to puzzle friends are very important: There is talk of it to create puzzles and more. There are now the puzzle design competition.

The rules are simple: At the start of competition is given a topic known (for example, "weather"). Each participant may submit up to three self-created puzzles on the subject. These puzzles are then judged by a panel of club members. After the award ceremony at the German Championship, the best Sudoku puzzles are published on our website and the winners receive prizes and certificates.

* 1 September: announcement of the theme and the start of the competition.
* 10 October: Deadline for the puzzle.
* 20 November: Announcement of the winners and award ceremony during the German Sudoku Championship in Augsburg.

Learn more about the rules and implementing

* Participants must each, except the jury members. Each participant may submit up to three riddles.
* The riddle must be given here as a PDF file in A4 format and must not exceed one page. The guide to the puzzles texts must be written in German language, even the puzzles must be solved in a logical way. The puzzles should have a unique solution and do something with the given topic have. A reference to the author of the mystery may not be on the puzzle page and the mystery may not yet have been published elsewhere.
* The jury is composed of volunteer club members.
* The jury assessed the puzzles according to the three criteria puzzle idea, presentation and solution and determined in this way, the winners of the competition.
* The first three places will receive a prize, the first ten places will receive a winner's certificate. The ten best mysteries are issued in addition to our website.
* The jury during the decision process, the names of the participants is not known. The decision is final.


Read the rules, particularly the formal criteria of good. It would be a shame if your beautiful puzzle idea would be rejected just because you have noted, for example, their name on the PDF file.

When the puzzles themselves can be either completely new puzzle types, as well as combinations of known species or even a puzzle known Riddle himself. When it comes to weather, you could be in a Sudoku with sun, clouds, rain and so on and come up with a nice story to invent it. However, it should be made in each case a reference to the subject.

Do not be sad when your puzzle has not received a price. In such contests, it is often very difficult for the jury to decide what the mystery is better and it also depends very much on the personal tastes of the jury members.
Questions and problems

For questions or problems, please contact
Bernhard Seckinger: bernhard.seckinger @ logic-masters.de

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