Schlangenrätselwettbewerb (Snake Puzzle Variation Contest)

Name: Schlangenrätselwettbewerb
Number of puzzles: 16

Start: 28.08.2010 00:01
Finish: 30.08.2010 00:01
Duration: 120 minutes
Penalties / Additional time

Penalty for wrong solution: 5
Mode for additional time: The for the participant optimal hand over will be counted.

Maximal additional time: 10 minutes
Formula for time penalties: 6t
Thereby t stands for the number of started minutes. The so calculated penalty points will be rounded up.
The following graphics clarifies this formula:
Snake Puzzle Variation Contest

Puzzles appearing in the championship are as below
1. Finnish Snake
2. Schlange
3. Dotted Snake
4. Japanese Snake
5. The Persistence of Memory
6. The Boz
7. LM domino Snake
8. Hexa Snake
9. Snake By
10. Easy as Snake
11. Snake Egg
12. Mr. Universe
13. Prime Snake
14. Crawling Snake
15. Sigma Snake
16. Octagon Word Snake

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