German Sudoku Championships 2010

At the German Sudoku Championships the German champion as well as the participants of the world sudoku championships (WSC) in Debrecen (Hungary) will be decided. At the preliminaries everyone can participate, but for the final round only participants with German nationality are accepted.
This Sudoku championship will be held due to the following mode: At Saturday, 18th of September 2010 the preliminaries will take part between 8:00 and 24:00 on this internet pages. The participants in advance receive a password encrypted PDF file with the puzzles they have to solve. Every participant can choose on his own, when he wants to get the password. From this moment on, there are 2 hours left to solve the puzzles and enter the answer keys into the online form.
The 40 best solvers will be invited, together with winners of the four regional contests, the finalists of 2009 and the national team of 2010, to the final round at 20st of November in Augsburg. There the participants will participate at a contest of several hours where they can show their skills. 


Name:DSM2010, Übung
Number of puzzles:3

Times and Durations

Activation of the instructions file:26.08.2010 00:00
Activation of the puzzle file:26.08.2010 00:00
Start:26.08.2010 00:00
Finish:30.09.2010 00:00
Duration:30 minutes

Penalties / Additional time

Penalty for wrong solution:5
Mode for additional time:The for the participant optimal hand over will be counted.
Maximal additional time:5 minutes
Formular for time penalties:
Thereby t stands for the number of started seconds. The so calculated penalty points will be rounded up.


Rajesh Kumar said...

I think that one should be able to participate in the online. This is what the website says

At the prelimiaries everyone can participate, but for the final round only participants with german nationality are accepted.

Rajesh Kumar said...

I have added some more details and link to the test site where one can participate.

Test is already started. One can participate any time.