Saturday, September 17, 2011

4 Seasons Cup - Summer

During summer, many beaches are overcrowded with people. Some rules are to be respected so to keep friendly relations between neighbors. Therefore, all the puzzles of this tournament follow rules which refer to neighbors.
Note that in all the rules below, the term neighbor is used to designate two orthogonally adjacent cells.The beach is the summer round of the 4 Seasons Cup 2011. The tournament is made of 12 Sudoku puzzles to solve within 120 minutes.
There are 2 answer-codes per puzzle. Each answer-code is either a row or column indicated by an arrow and a letter.
Puzzles Points
1. Nonconsecutive Sudoku         35
2. Sudoku XV                            50
3. No touch sudoku                   65
4. Quadro sudoku                     70
5. Outside consecutive sudoku   70
6. Greater than consecutive       75
7. Neighbouring sudoku           90
8. Kropki sudoku                     95
9. Smaller than 15                   100
10. Touchy sudoku                   110
11. Consecutive sudoku           120
12. Sudoku +2 x2                     120
Total                                     1000

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