Friday, September 23, 2011

US Sudoku 2011 Team Qualifying

US Sudoku 2011 Team Qualifying

The 2011 U.S. Sudoku Team qualifying test will start Saturday, September 24, at 1 PM, EDT (UTC-4) and last for 2 1/2 hours. The test procedures are the same as in 2010. You must log in with your username and password in order to download files or submit answers for the two-part test. The answer pages will confirm your submitted progress by showing a score that assumes all of your answers are correct. Complete details are available at the US Sudoku Team home page (URL below).
We are pleased to announce that this year's puzzles are designed by Thomas Snyder and Wei-Hwa Huang, authors of "Sudoku Masterpieces" and designers of the 2010 World Sudoku Championship puzzles.
One day before the test, you should download three files: the two encrypted test files and the separate instructions/sample puzzle file. It is highly recommended that you read the instructions and solve the sample puzzles in advance, so that on the day of the test you are ready to solve!
There is also a practice test that you can use to run through the entire test process: download PDF, get the password, decrypt the file, print, solve, and submit answers.
Other test preparation is available online. Links to the Hungarian Sudoku Championship and other Sudoku events will be linked from the US Sudoku Team home as they become available.
As always, have fun and enjoy the puzzles!

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