Classic Puzzle Competition: Interconnection

Classic Puzzle Competition: Interconnection

About Interconnection Classic Puzzle Competition

Classic Puzzle Competition which is named Interconnection will take place from 17th to 18th September 2011. One can participate in this puzzle competition online at website. Author of this Puzzle Competition is ALBERTO FABRIS and pre-testing for this test is done by NIKOLA ZIVANOVIC. Duration of this puzzle contest will be 90 minutes.

Interconnection Puzzle Competition Instructions

In every puzzle some digits have been replaced by letters (from A to J, corresponding to digits from 0 to 9); same letters correspond to same digits and vice versa, also in different puzzles. Some puzzles can be solved immediately (and the letters will be clues), for other you must know the value of some letters. It’s part of the competition to discover which puzzles should be solved first. The list of given letters for every puzzle is shown in the table in the puzzle booklet.

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