The Grand Prix Sudoku Tournament in Most - on-line

Checkout for more information. The following message I found at the website regarding this championship.
Considering the fact some of you don’t have time to take a part in the Grand Prix Tournament in Most (arranged by the Czech Puzzlers and Crossworders Union) in person or you aren’t so brave and think that the puzzles can be too difficult, we try to approach that tournament to your homes.
You can solve online the same task as there will be in Most and you also can send your solution via the prepared form.
The event is really unique; it was prepared at the eleventh hour due to a good idea of one of experienced sudoku players. That’s why I’d like to ask you to learn the rules and work of our server in the chapter of “Sudokucup”. There you can find the rules, instructions and video guideline what to do in similar events. Surely, you must adjust the rules a little bit. There are no the Czech Republic Sudoku Championship 2010 qualification positions. The tournament lasts 70 minutes and the beginning and end is fixed exactly (from rest)!

We’re looking forward to your participation!
Puzzles for this tournament can be download from here
Password: M2o0s0T9! 

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