LMI Springs Sudoku Test : Mar 26/27 2011

On 20 March, the sun reaches the vernal equinox, heralding a symbolic revival of nature in the northern hemisphere of the planet. The authors of the book « Florilège de variantes de sudoku », have risen to the challenge of creating sudoku puzzles inspired by the theme of spring. Alternately playing with words (« spring » or «Printemps» in French), dates, or trying to symbolize the fauna and flora in the different grids, alternating between classical grids, known variants, or innovations to achieve this, we propose for the tournament a panel of varied grids. The process has requested the authors an effort of imagination in order to create grids being interesting to solve and symbolize the theme of spring. We hope you enjoy this double goal and you have as much fun solving the grids as we had to create them.


  • Sylvain CAUDMONT
  • Timothy DOYLE
  • Geoffroy HERMELIN
  • Laurent PIERRE
  • Frédéric STALDER
  • Bastien Vial-JAIM

Sudoku Types

    Sudoku grids in this test are based on the theme of the Spring season.
  • Alpha-frame sudoku
  • Classic sudoku
  • Consecutive sudoku
  • Greater Than and Killer
  • Sudokurve
  • Arrow sudoku
  • Sundoku
  • Extra-regions sudoku
  • Jigsaw Wordoku
  • Mixed sudoku
  • Killer 0-8
  • Double sum sudoku


You may start the "Springs" puzzle contest any time during the 48-hour period listed below.

Your timer will start when you click "Start Test" — then you will have exactly 120 minutes to solve and submit your answers. A timer will be shown on the answer page with the remaining time.
Submission is not allowed after the specified end time — you must start early enough to permit yourself enough solving time.

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