Tapa Variations Contest VIII

About TVC
Tapa Variation Contests (TVC) are a set of 4 small puzzle contests and will be organized every alternate week of February and March 2011. They will contain several variations of Tapa. At the end of 4 tournaments, the final winner will be determined.
Puzzles for TVCs are written by Serkan Yurekli.

Points Table
Peers Tapa (59)
Hungarian Tapa (92)
Knapp Daneben Tapa (74)
Arrows Tapa (55)
In Arrows Tapa, each clue "?" should be replaced by any digit from 0 to 3.
Roman Tapa (62+98)
Matchmaker Tapa (14+32+ 44+58+65+83)
Enter 0,0 for the UNUSED grid in Matchmaker. Read here for details.
Tapa Shape (60)
Outside Tapa (67)
Tapamino (84+114)
Tapa Row (95)
Tapa Quad (44)
Timing and Grace Period

Contest Length: 75 minutes
Grace Period: 5 minutes penalty Points: 18 per minute
A timer will be shown on the answer page with the remaining time. The color of the timer will change during the grace period to 'Red'.
Submission is not allowed after the specified end time — you must start early enough to permit yourself enough solving time.

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