Puzzle Fountain: Classic Puzzle Championship #14

Puzzle Fountain: Classic Puzzle Championship #14
Duration: 90 minutes

Some tips :

    * You can visit any time your puzzle contest page and look at your solutions simply by clicking on the link, for example to find mistakes.

    * When you click on the Submit solution button, you must wait for the confirmation of data saved before clicking on a new puzzle link; otherwise your solution will be lost.
    * It's NOT a good idea to right-click on a link and open another page or tab to solve a new puzzle. This may cause loss of data (and in the worst case the applet will work no more). So don't do it!
    * You can also save partial solutions by clicking on Submit solutions (only colors will not be saved).
     * IMPORTANT: by pressing on SPACE during solving, it's possible that you delete all your numbers! Use DEL to delete a single number. SPACE works as ENTER in java, and if a DELETE COLOR button is active, it will work. I know it's better to use SPACE (easier to find, and puzzlers used to play in croco press it automatically), but for the moment I couldn't implement it.

Battleships (30) 
Pyramide (10) 
Cross Math (45) 
Domino Hunt (30) 
Shrewd (50) 
Easy As ABC (40) 
Pills (35) 
Hitori (40)
Heyawake (30) 
Kakuro (55) 
Kropki (55) 
Lighthouses (40) 
Magic Labyrinth (85) 
Magnets (50) 
Minesweeper (30) 
Fuzuli (50) 
H2O (5) 
Hiroimono (50) 
Snake (50)
Star Battle (60) 
Thermometers (40) 
Rectangles (10) 
Spirals (45) 
Skyscrapers (45) 
No Four in a Row (20) . 
Total: 1000 points

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