Logic Masters' Monthly Sudoku Test - July 2010 - Classic Look-Alikes

Logic Masters India announces the July Sudoku Monthly Test 'Classic Look-Alikes'. Jan Mrozowski (janoslaw), the current and double World Sudoku Champion is the author of the puzzles. He's fond of Classic Sudokus with one additional rule and that's exactly why he's created a test for us.
You have seen the Champion in action, now here's your chance to crack some of the Champion's puzzles!

Some more details as below
Open for : 48 hours
Length : 120 minutes
Number of Sudokus : 23 (14 9X9 Sudokus and 9 6X6 Sudokus)

Author : Jan Mrozowski

Sudoku Types : All types look like Classics

Classic Sudoku 

Quadro Sudoku 

No touch Sudoku

Antiknight Sudoku

Non-Consecutive Sudoku

Between Sudoku 

No 3 odd/even in line Sudoku

Symmetric Unequal Sudoku 

Touchy Sudoku

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