Alphabets in Fences: A1

This puzzle type I created for "Contest for best logic innovation"
Draw a single closed loop by connecting neighboring dots horizontally or vertically (but not diagonally). A numbered square indicates exactly how many of its edge segments are used by the path.
Some of the alphabets are given. These alphabets are either inside or outside the loop. Same alphabet should follow the same rule e.g. if “A” is outside the loop, it implies that all the “A” will be outside the loop.


Deb said...

Very nice concept.

Rajesh Kumar said...

Thanks Deb!

Nice to have (nice) comments from Guru of innovative puzzles.

Anonymous said...

The instructions have me completely confused, no idea what's expected.

Rajesh Kumar said...

One has to complete the single loop as in the Fences puzzle i.e. numbers given indicates, how many edges are part of the loop.
Any Alphabets given may be inside or outside the loop, but same alphabet should follow the same rule i.e. if one finds out that B will be outside the loop then all the B's will be outside the loop.

In case the instructions are still not clear, one can check the solution to understand it better.