Skyscrapers in Fences: S1

This is new puzzle variation. This puzzle type I created for "Contest for best logic innovation". Very difficult to create this type of puzzle variation. Hope you will enjoy this puzzle. 

Skyscrapers in Fences Instructions

Fill the grid with digits 1 to 3, so that each digits appears exactly once in every row/column. The cells in the grid can be thought of as individual buildings, and the number inside the building is the number of floors. A number outside the grid indicates how many buildings can be "seen" from the corresponding direction. A building is seen by an observer if there are not buildings taller (with a greater number), between it and the observer. Now with the numbers solve the Fences puzzle, instructions of which are as below.
Draw a single closed loop by connecting neighboring dots horizontally or vertically (but not diagonally). A numbered square indicates exactly how many of its edge segments are used by the path.
Logic Puzzles: Skyscrapers in Fences

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