Site Recommendation: KrazyDad (Sudoku and Puzzles website)

Site Recommendation: KrazyDad (Sudoku and Puzzles website)
One can find thousands of Puzzles and Sudoku websites on the internet that provides good-quality puzzles. However, is one of my favorite Sudoku and Puzzles websites. It contains thousands of puzzles and Sudoku which one can download, take printouts and solve. Now, this website has provided an online interface to solve these puzzles. So now if someone is not having a printer to print these puzzles need not worry as one can solve all these puzzles online. One feature which is felt is very much required is storing the timing for a user for a particular puzzle. This feature as of now is missing from this website. I am sure that this feature will be soon implemented on this website.
I highly recommend this website for people who love to solve Logical Puzzles and Sudoku.  
Some of puzzle types are mentioned below for which one can play on this website 
Slitherlinks Variations
Killer Sudoku
Irregular Sudoku
Galaxies and many more

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