Monthly Puzzle Tests from Logic Masters India (EverGreens)

It is nice to see monthly puzzle tests from the Logic Masters India. First Monthly test is named as "EverGreens" as it will contain the basic puzzle types.  Puzzles are created by "Amit Sowani" and Deb Mohanty and I will be testing the puzzles

Why EverGreens?
At LogicMastersIndia, we have many members who belong to I-love-Sudokus-But-Not-Puzzles group.
"EverGreens" is our attempt to introduce puzzles to them.
It has only the "basic" or "classic" type of puzzles. There will be many easy puzzles in this test.

There are also enough difficult puzzles to challenge the experienced puzzle solvers.

Hope everyone will like the test.  

Date - Weekend of 03/04 July 

1. Arrows
2. As Easy As ABCD
3. Battleships
4. Dominos
5. Fences
6. Hitori
7. Kakuro
8. Loop Finder
9. Magnet
10. Minesweeper
11. Paint By Number
12. Tents And Trees
13. Zigzag 

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