Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Logic Masters India (LMI) Screen Test #2

About LMI Screen Test #2 (ST2)
Screen Tests are part of most, if not all, World Puzzle Championships. In Screen Tests, the puzzles are displayed on the screen; participants solve the puzzles by looking at the screen. Typically the answer to the screen test puzzlesis a number or a letter or at max few words.
LMI Screen Test #2 is designed based on WPC Screen Test philosophy, to make screen tests available to more puzzle solvers, and also to help players have some practice before 20th WPC at Hungary.
Here are the rules of the test:
• Each puzzle will have a time limit, and it has to be solved within the specified time limit.
• There will not be any Puzzle Booklet to download. All the puzzles are to be solved on screen.
• Participants are allowed to draw images / grids on paper and answer on the screen. There is no provision to draw / type / take notes on screen.
• Each puzzle will have certain number of answer options. Participants have to select the answer option using ‘mouse’. Typing is not allowed / needed in ST2.
• There will be 20 puzzles, and they are to be solved within 35 minutes.
How to Participate?

LMI Screen Tests take place on screen without the use of a puzzle booklet. Instead, puzzles are displayed using a Flash display system and a question is given for each puzzle that must be answered. For more information, check out the Screen Test Guide below.

Puzzle Types

Super Maze
Complete Set
Knight Safe
Circle Sizes
Equation Error
Straight Line
Easy Draw
Unlucky Word
Arithmetic Box
Careless Arrows
Number Search
Heaviest Bin
Odd Shape
Maximum Queens
Sudoku Pair
Star Battle
Tapa Letter
Correct Key
Accurate Darts
Grand Finale

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