Puzzle Fusion : LMI Puzzle Test on 19/20 November

It was going to be another typical puzzle test with assorted classics. However, while the world championships are going on, the long wait in the shed had the puzzles interacting with each other uncontrollably. Kropki dots jumped into the Kakuro grid, Masyu and Yajilin decided to fuse and we even have light bulbs suddenly appearing in the Number Skeleton. Madness!

Puzzle Author

Tawan Sunathvanichkul 

About Puzzle Fusion

Puzzle Fusion has 16 classic puzzles (Kropki, Kakuro, Anglers, Battleships, Akari, Nansuke, Word Search, Sudoku, Tapa, Minesweepers, LITS, Masyu, Yajilin, Fillomino, Futoshiki). 
Additionally 2 puzzle types 'fuse' into a new type.

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