Pentomino Puzzle Contest (22-23.January 2011)

Pentomino Puzzle Contest (22-23.January 2011)

The contest consists of eight puzzles. Each puzzles uses the twelve pentominos (see the illustration above). The letters inside those pentominos are the encryption letters which are required to enter the solution key. Apart from puzzle A4, these letters have no further relevance.
The contest is split into two parts. Part A consists of four dissection puzzles; in each of those puzzles, a grid of dimensions 5×12 is given which has to be divided into the twelve pentomino shapes. Part B consists of four placement puzzles; in each of those puzzles, a grid of dimensions 12×12 is given, and the task is to place all twelve pentominos inside the grid such that they do not touch each other, not even diagonally. In all puzzles, the pentomino shapes may be rotated and mirrored.
This instruction file includes an example for each puzzle type which uses only five pentominos (the pentomino shapes for each example are specified). The puzzle competition file does not contain any examples. The solution key for the dissection puzzles is always the center row; the key consists of the twelve encryption letters for the pentominos used in this row (encryption letters may repeat, of course). The solution key for the placement puzzles consists of the third row from above, followed by the third row from below. The encryption letters must be entered as before, with a minus sign (−) for empty cells.
Please note: the contest engine disregards blanks!
The contest runs over 60 minutes. Enjoy!


Number of puzzles:8
Results:will be shown automatically after the end of the contest

Times and Durations

Activation of the instructions file:18.01.2011 22:01
Activation of the puzzle file:21.01.2011 23:51
Start:22.01.2011 00:01
Finish:24.01.2011 00:01
Duration:60 minutes

Penalties / Additional time

Penalty for wrong solution:5
Mode for additional time:The for the participant optimal hand over will be counted.
Maximal additional time:5 minutes
Formular for time penalties:
Thereby t stands for the number of started minutes. The so calculated penalty points will be rounded up.
The following graphics clarifies this formular:
Pentomino Puzzle Contest Time Vs Penalty

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