Argio-logic Sudoku Contest

Argio-logic Sudoku Contest
The Sudoku contest will start on Thursday 10:00 pm(GMT +1) and will end on Monday 10:00 am.

You have two and a half consecutive hours to complete the sudoku variants.

At the right date a "start" link will appear above.

As soon as you click on "start" you will be brought to the starting page and the clock will start.
Whoever realizes more points with less time will be the winner.
Final results will be available on Monday. 

Sudoku Point Distribution

Offset-Knight                       points 20
Untouch-Offset                    points 20
Untouch-Queen                   points 20
2even-Knight                       points 21
2even-Offset                       points 21
Offset-Queen                      points 21
Knight-Nonconsecutive      points 23
Offset-Nonconsecutive       points 23
2even-Untouch                   points 24
2even-Queen                      points 25
Queen-Nonconsecutive      points 26
Untouch-Knight                   points 26
Untouch-Nonconsecutive    points 30
TOTAL                               points 300

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