Puzzle Jackpot : Logic Masters India January 2011 Puzzle Test

Puzzle Jackpot : Logic Masters India January'11 Puzzle Test


Jackpot Scoring?

    Each puzzle has some initial points. The final points for each puzzle are determined by how many players solve it correctly. Check the instruction booklet for details.

Timing and Grace Period

You may start "Puzzle Jackpot" at any time during the 48-hour period listed above.
Your timer will start when you click "Start Puzzle Jackpot" — then you will have 120 minutes to solve and submit your answers. Additionally, a grace period of 5 minutes will be available for submission. Submissions during this grace period will be penalized.
A timer will be shown on the answer page with the remaining time. The color of the timer will change during the grace period to 'Red'.
Submission is not allowed after the specified end time — you must start early enough to permit yourself enough solving time.

About the author

Serkan has been making puzzles for 5 years and he started to focus on solving in the last 2 years. He is the editor of Akil Oyunlari puzzle magazine and they have published several books including logic puzzles. Inventing the Tapa puzzle type and organizing the OAPC series are the most valuable works Serkan has done among these.

Puzzle Types

There are 5 main categories of puzzles, and again 5 puzzles from each category.
    Skyscraper and Variations
  • Skyscraper
  • Gappy Skyscraper
  • Sum Skyscraper
  • Skyscraper Either/Or
  • Domino Skyscraper
    Snake and Variations
  • Snake
  • Snake Egg
  • Dotted Snake
  • Japanese Snake
  • First Seen Snake
    Math Puzzles
  • Kakuro
  • Gapped Kakuro
  • Magic Summer
  • Trid
  • Orbits
    Tapa and Variations
  • Tapa
  • Knapp Daneben Tapa
  • Tapa?
  • Easy As Tapa
  • Tapa Filler
    Word Puzzles
  • Crisscross
  • Missing Letters
  • Scrabble
  • Jumping Crossword
  • Crisscross Crash

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