Puzzles & Chess : LMI December Puzzle Test

 For solving the puzzles it is enough to know movement of the chess pieces.In each puzzle will appear exactly 5 chess pieces (King, Queen, Rook, Bishop and Knight).

About the author

Nikola Zivanovic is Serbian puzzler, triple sudoku and puzzle champion of his country. Three times he was finalist of World Sudoku Championship. He is a member of the bronze Serbian sudoku team from Zilina, Slovakia (2009). Nikola is also known as a composer of various logical and enigmatic riddles.

Puzzle Types

    All Puzzles in this test are based on Chess, which is probably the most favorite game among all puzzle lovers.
  • Arrows Chess
  • Chess Battleships
  • Chess Snake
  • ChessDoku
  • ChessSweeper
  • Filomino Chess
  • Hidden Words
  • Hitori Chess
  • Penta Chess
  • Tapa Chess

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