Indian Sudoku Championship 2011

Indian Sudoku Championship 2011
Indian Sudoku Championship 2011

Indian Sudoku Championship 2011

Sudoku, dubbed as the hottest puzzle sensation since the Rubik’s Cube gained worldwide popularity in early 2005. The first World Sudoku championship (WSC) was held in March 2006 in Lucca, Italy. The 6th WSC in 2011 will be held in Hungary. Logic Masters India in association with various reputed colleges across the country would like to invite you to test your logical skills in the Indian Sudoku Championship and get an opportunity to represent India at the WSC. All resident Indian nationals, irrespective of age, can participate in Indian Sudoku Championship. The sudoku-solving skills of contestants will be tested through the regular Classic sudokus as well as different sudoku variations which appear in the WSCs. Top rankers at the Indian Sudoku Championship will be eligible to represent India at the 6th World Sudoku Championship to be held in Hungary.

Rules and Regulations

The Indian Sudoku Championship will consist of 13 regional rounds held in the months of January to March 2011. The top 3 from each of these regional rounds will be invited for the national finals in May 2011. The team which will represent India at the World Sudoku Championship will be selected on the basis of the performance in the Indian Sudoku Championship National Final.
There are several ways in which you could qualify for a position in the National Finals.

  • You could be amongst the top 3 at one of the regional rounds.
  • You could be amongst the top 10 from the National Online Preliminary round which will be held on date.

  • Regional Rounds

    The 13 regional rounds will be held as a part of the college festivals in reputed colleges in different colleges across the country. The regional rounds will be held in the cities of Mumbai, Kharagpur, Rourkela, Goa, Guwahati, Bangalore, Kanpur, Hyderabad, Ranchi, Bhopal, Delhi, Roorkee and Pilani in the months from January to March. The regional round finals will be held between the top 60 participants from the region. The 60 finalists will be selected from Regional Prelims which will be open to all participants. 

    National Online Preliminary Round

    The online round will consist of a two hour test where the sudoku solving skills of participants will be tested by several sudokus. The instructions for these will be announced in advance. The dates and other details will be announced soon.

    National Finals

    The winners of regional rounds and National Online Preliminary Round will be invited for National Finals. The National Finals will consist of multiple rounds of sudoku solving to select the best participants to represent India at WSC 2011, Hungary. The sudoku instructions will be given to the finalists a week in advance of the national finals.

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