Enigma 2011: The Ultimate Puzzle Championship

Start: 22.01.2011 15:30 GMT
End: 17:00 GMT

20 mathematical questions have to be answered within 90 minutes.; 

  • Each set will consist of 20 puzzles. The duration of each set is 90 mins.
  • Each question will carry a maximum of 100 points at the start of the contest.
  • After 20 minutes from the start of the contest, the points awarded for each question decreases by 1 every minute.
  • So, if you answer a question on the 10th minute, you will be awarded 100 points for that question.
  • But, if you answer the question correctly at the 25th minute, You will be awarded 95 points.
  • There are no negative points for wrong answer, Points awarded will be based on the time elapsed from the 21st minute onwards.
  • Each question can be attended any number of times until you answer it correctly.
  • The questions can be answered in any order and participants can return to the skipped questions any time.
  • Most Important : Each set of the Enigma questions will have separate winners, It is not based on your cumulative performance.

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