LMI: 2011 Double Decathlon on 15/16 October

The Olympic Decathlon tests a wide range of physical skills, on the track and on the field, to identify the world’s best athletes. Only well-balanced performers that can succeed in all of the disciplines will triumph. This Double Decathlon will similarly test a range of mental skills to identify the world’s best logic puzzle solvers. There are ten different puzzle disciplines in this competition. Some are "classic" puzzles, while others are variants (a new version of a classic style) or hybrids (a combination of classic styles). Each type will have two puzzles: an easier/smaller puzzle worth 20 points and a harder/larger puzzle worth 50 points. The competition will last for 120 minutes.

About 2011 Double Decathlon

This competition is designed to have ten different puzzle disciplines to test a range of mental skills.
There are "classic" puzzles (TomTom, Cave, Star Battle), "variants" (Big Tent Party, Make Room for Tapa, Gapped Number Fill, Turning Points), and "hybrids" (Loop the Loops, Almost Simple Loop, Battleship Sudoku). 

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