Logic Masters India: Best of LMI Mocks : 16/17/18 Dec 2011

Logic Masters India (LMI)
Before the monthly Sudoku tests started, Logic Masters India (LMI) used to host a series of “Sudoku Mock Tests” as preparation before the World Sudoku Championships. Apart from many Indians, a lot of international players authored and participated in these mock tests from December-2008 to March-2010.
With the number of players increasing multi-fold at LMI in recent times, it is certain that many new players did not get a chance to enjoy these mock tests. In the 2011 December Sudoku Test, we present some of the memorable sudokus that appeared in those tests.
This test has 18 sudokus, one type each from mock test 4 to mock test 21. It was certainly not easy to select just one sudoku out of many interesting Sudoku variations in each set. It was also important to ensure that the final set has a good mix of all types. It was fun selecting and creating the sudokus, and I hope you enjoy the set as much.
This test is dedicated to all the authors and participants of the mock tests who helped create such a high level of puzzling atmosphere at LMI. 

Length of the test : 120 minutes 
Total Points : 960 points 
Bonus : 8 points per minute if all 18 sudokus submitted correctly
Sudoku Types appearing in the test with points
Sum Or Product Frame 95
Linked Mini 75
Deformable Kropki 40
Classic 1 25
Sum 100 40
All Odd Or All Even 45
Hidden Skyscrapers 70
Classic 2 40
Symmetric Unequal 65
Odd Even No Touch 25
Windoku 45
Diagonal Consecutive 45
Pirate 35
Outside Killer 100
Neighbours + N 40
Non-Consecutive Killer 80
Diagonal 45
Series 50
This test will also be used as Serbian Sudoku Championship 2011. 
Deb Mohanty

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