Logic Masters India: Best of LMI Puzzle Tests on 23/24/25 Dec 2011

LMI monthly puzzle tests started in July’ 2010 with classic puzzles as Evergreens series. It was soon going to change with many authors coming up with innovative puzzle types in each test. In this test, we rewind and revisit some such memorable puzzles.
This test has 20 puzzles; maximum 2 puzzles selected from each test starting from “Broken Pieces” till “Fillomino Fillia”. Selecting just 2 puzzles was obviously not easy; also representing wide varieties of puzzles was one of the goals.
The remaining puzzle sets will be represented in next years “Best of LMI Puzzle Tests” which will again be authored by one of LMI’s test authors.
All represented tests except 1 and 2 include “Pair Bonus”. This means bonus points will be awarded, in the case that both puzzles of that test are solved correctly.

Serkan Yurekli

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