Tournament Of the Champions (Fourth Edition)

The tournament will take place on 

The registration to this Sudoku Tournament will begin the day 11 March . The registration ca be done after the solution of one of the schemes in the menu "Tournament" of the Home Page of the site and the obligatory confirmation of the wish to play declared on forum. 

The tournament will start Monday 22 March and will be available only to user registered.  Every day all the participants to the Tournament must resolve at least four out of seven Sudoku variants : XV. KROPKI. KILLER. ANTIKNIGHT. DIAGONAL. 4 BOX. JIGSAW. At the end of every day of competition (what we will call manche), the four best results of every player will be considered. The sum of the positionings will form the standings of the day. The standings will be available on the forum the next day. You will play every work day for general 20 manches.

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