Intruder Classic Puzzle Contest by Puzzle Fountain

Intruder Classic Puzzle Contest by PuzzleFountain | Solve the Mystery Puzzles

Welcome to the exciting world of PuzzleFountain's Intruder Classic Puzzle Contest. This event, designed by the renowned author Alberto Fabris, brings a unique twist to logical puzzles. In each puzzle, there is a hidden intruder, a deceptive clue that you must identify and eliminate to unravel the mystery. This contest will test your problem-solving skills and logical reasoning over a 90-minute duration, offering a thrilling mental workout.

The concept is intriguing - among all the hints and clues, there's one false lead that stands out as the intruder. Your challenge is to spot this anomaly and use your deductive abilities to solve the puzzle accurately. Whether it's deciphering letters for "Easy as ABC" or numbers for other puzzles, this contest promises an exhilarating test of your cognitive abilities.

Mark your calendars for April 30 to May 1, 2011, and get ready to immerse yourself in this mind-bending challenge. PuzzleFountain's Intruder Classic Puzzle Contest is a must-attend event for puzzle enthusiasts looking to push their boundaries and uncover hidden patterns. Are you up for the challenge?

List of Logical Puzzles in this contest is as given below.

List of Classic Logical Puzzles

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