Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Mini Puzzles Series Main Page

Mini Puzzles Series
Till now I have been posting only Sudoku on the blog. I have been posting Sudoku for three different Sudoku Series e.g. Mini Sudoku Series,  The League of Extraordinary Ladies & Gentlemen, and Fun With Sudoku Series. In fact, this blog contains more logical puzzles than Sudoku puzzles. From a long time, I have not posted any puzzle on this blog. Soon I will re-start posting puzzles. I will be posting easy puzzles under this Series which I named Mini Puzzles Series.
Below is the list of Mini Puzzles posted here till now.
4 Minesweepers : M1

ABC End View

ABC Second End View

ABCD Second End View Example


Akari : A1

Antaksari Snake

Arrow Loop/ Indian Loop Example

Arrow Loop


Blocked View Skyscrapers

Tents (Camp): T4 Puzzle

Tents (Camps): T3 Puzzle

Tents (or Camp) Puzzles: T2

Cave Example

Comet: C1

Consecutive : C2


Consecutive Loop: C1

Corral: C1

Diagonal Loop: D1

Sudoku 2D: CS9

Different Neighbours Example

Domino Hunt Rules

Dot Rundweg

Mini Kropki Sudoku: K2

Easy As Jigsaw ABC: E1

Easy as Skyscapers / ABCD Skyscapers

Elastic Bands: E1

Eminent D'OHmain/ Four Winds Variation: E2

Fences: F1

Rules of "Four Squares"

Fillomino Skyscrapers: F1

Galaxy: G1

Paint By Numbers: P1

Hamle: H1

Heyawake: H1

Hide and Seek: HS1

Horse Snake

Inside/Outside Corral : C2

Kuromasu: K1


Loop By Numbers: L1

Sudoku 2D: CS1

Sudoku 2D: CS4

Sudoku 2D: CS6

Sudoku 2D: CS7

Sudoku 2D: CS8

Sudoku 2D: CS9

Magnets: M1

Manifold Dividing Example

Mini Minesweeper Sudoku

MineSweepers in Loop: M1

Paint By Numbers: P1

Network: N1

Paravan: P2

Prime Snake: P1

Product Pairs Example

Rules of "Psycho Killer"

Quick Sort: Q1

Sigma Snake: S1

Skyscrapers Either Or: S1

Number Place - Skyscraper With Empty Space: 

Slash Pack : SP2

Smashed Sums : SS1

Snakes: S1

Star Battle/Star Wars: S1

Stardust: S1

Step by Step: SBS1

Summenbild Rundweg: S1

Tapa: T1

Tents (Camp): T4 Puzzle

Tents (Camps): T3 Puzzle

Tents (or Camp) Puzzles: T2

The Persistence of Memory : P1


Water Fun: W3 Puzzle

Water Fun: W2 Puzzle

Water Fun: Puzzle W1

Windows: W1

Wittgenstein Briquet : WB1

Wolves and Sheep in Fences: F1

Word Search: W1

Yajilin / "Arrow Rings" : Y1

Ying Yang: Y1

ZigZag Rules

Ying Yang

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