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Mini Puzzles Series
Till now I have been posting only Sudoku on the blog. I have been posting Sudoku for three different Sudoku Series e.g. Mini Sudoku Series,  The League of Extraordinary Ladies & Gentlemen, and Fun With Sudoku Series. In fact, this blog contains more logical puzzles than Sudoku puzzles. 
Mini Puzzles are very much required to understand the Puzzle rules. This page contains the list of the mini puzzles which can be solved.
From a long time, I have not posted any puzzle on this blog. Soon I will re-start posting puzzles. I will be posting easy puzzles under this Series which I named Mini Puzzles Series.
Below is the list of Mini Puzzles posted here till now.
4 Minesweepers : M1

ABC End View

ABC Second End View

ABCD Second End View Example


Akari : A1

Antaksari Snake

Arrow Loop/ Indian Loop Example

Arrow Loop


Blocked View Skyscrapers

Tents (Camp): T4 Puzzle

Tents (Camps): T3 Puzzle

Tents (or Camp) Puzzles: T2

Cave Example

Comet: C1

Consecutive : C2


Consecutive Loop: C1

Corral: C1

Diagonal Loop: D1

Sudoku 2D: CS9

Different Neighbours Example

Domino Hunt Rules

Dot Rundweg

Mini Kropki Sudoku: K2

Easy As Jigsaw ABC: E1

Easy as Skyscapers / ABCD Skyscapers

Elastic Bands: E1

Eminent D'OHmain/ Four Winds Variation: E2

Fences: F1

Rules of "Four Squares"

Fillomino Skyscrapers: F1

Galaxy: G1

Paint By Numbers: P1

Hamle: H1

Heyawake: H1

Hide and Seek: HS1

Horse Snake

Inside/Outside Corral : C2

Kuromasu: K1


Loop By Numbers: L1

Sudoku 2D: CS1

Sudoku 2D: CS4

Sudoku 2D: CS6

Sudoku 2D: CS7

Sudoku 2D: CS8

Sudoku 2D: CS9

Magnets: M1

Manifold Dividing Example

Mini Minesweeper Sudoku

MineSweepers in Loop: M1

Paint By Numbers: P1

Network: N1

Paravan: P2

Prime Snake: P1

Product Pairs Example

Rules of "Psycho Killer"

Quick Sort: Q1

Sigma Snake: S1

Skyscrapers Either Or: S1

Number Place - Skyscraper With Empty Space: 

Slash Pack : SP2

Smashed Sums : SS1

Snakes: S1

Star Battle/Star Wars: S1

Stardust: S1

Step by Step: SBS1

Summenbild Rundweg: S1

Tapa: T1

Tents (Camp): T4 Puzzle

Tents (Camps): T3 Puzzle

Tents (or Camp) Puzzles: T2

The Persistence of Memory : P1


Water Fun: W3 Puzzle

Water Fun: W2 Puzzle

Water Fun: Puzzle W1

Windows: W1

Wittgenstein Briquet : WB1

Wolves and Sheep in Fences: F1

Word Search: W1

Yajilin / "Arrow Rings" : Y1

Ying Yang: Y1

ZigZag Rules

Ying Yang

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