Thursday, September 10, 2015

HAMLE (Mini Puzzles Series #23)

This puzzle I created for 10th 24 hour Championship. This is the puzzle type which appeared in Oguz Atay Puzzle Contest (OAPC) and 18th World Puzzle Championship, Antalya (Turkey). Later I have also seen Hamle Sudoku which was based on this puzzle type. 
This is very old puzzle created by me and now I am re-publishing this puzzle as 23rd puzzle in Mini Puzzles Series.
Rules of Hamle puzzle
Move every black square in one of the four directions, so that numbers in the black cells indicate the length of their moves. When all moves are done, all white cells should be interconnected and black cells should not touch each other from the sides.
HAMLE (Mini Puzzles Series #23)
HAMLE (Mini Puzzles Series #23)

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