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Friday, September 18, 2015

Easy as ABC (Mini Puzzles Series #32)

When I started solved puzzle around decade back, this puzzle used to be my favorite puzzle. This puzzle is classical puzzle type and this puzzle appeared in many World Puzzle Championships. It is also known with another name as ABC End View puzzle. However I will be using name Easy as ABC name for this puzzle type. 
There are several variations of this puzzle. Most famous variation of this puzzle type is ABC Second End View. There are many puzzles of this type published on this blog. However I will be re-publishing these puzzles soon marking these puzzle under various Puzzles Series.
This Easy As ABC puzzle, I am publishing as 32nd puzzle in Mini Puzzles Series.
Rules of Easy as ABC puzzle
Enter the letters ABC such that each letter is exactly once, in all of the rows and columns. One cells will remain empty in each row and column. The letters outside the grid show which letter you come across First from that direction.
Easy as ABC (Mini Puzzles Series #32)
Easy as ABC (Mini Puzzles Series #32)
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