Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Ying Yang (Logical Puzzles Series #9)

Ying Yang puzzle is also known with name Black and White puzzle because cells in this puzzle are divided into two separate black and white regions. Once the puzzle is solved it looks like Ying Yang symbol. This is the reason this puzzle is more famous with name Ying Yang. Moreover there is another puzzle named Black or White puzzle. So I will be using name Ying Yang for these kind of puzzle. In fact this is the puzzle created by me long back in year 2009 which left un-published for such a long time. There are many such puzzle created years back and which remained on paper and I was not able to publish these puzzles. Now soon I will be publishing all these puzzles one by one.
This Ying Yang puzzle I am publishing as 9th puzzle in Logical Puzzles Series.
Rules of Ying Yang puzzle
Fill each empty cell with either a black circle or a white circle. All white circles should form a single interconnected area and similarly all black circles should form a single interconnected area. There cannot exist any 2x2 cell region consisting of same color circles anywhere in the grid.
Ying Yang (Logical Puzzles Series #9)
Ying Yang (Logical Puzzles Series #9)

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