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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Star Battle (Mini Puzzles Series #21)

Star Battle puzzle is also known as Star Wars puzzle. Another name for this puzzle type is Dopplestern. However Star Battle is more common name, so I will be using Star Battle for any such puzzle being published here. In fact it is with the name Star Battle this puzzle type has appeared in many World Puzzle Championships.
This is the puzzle I created many years back when first time I saw this puzzle type. This puzzle I created to understand the rules of this puzzle. So this is very easy puzzle to be used as an example for a person who is new to Star Battle puzzle type.
I am publishing this Start Battle as 21st puzzle in Mini Puzzles Series.
Rules of Star Battle puzzle
Draw in each row, every column and every bold-bordered square of the diagram exactly given number of stars. Stars must not touch each other, not even diagonally. Some of the squares darkened should not contain any star. Some of the stars may be already given.
Star Battle (Mini Puzzles Series #21)
Star Battle (Mini Puzzles Series #21)
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