Odd Inside Fences (Mini Puzzles Series #36)

This puzzle appeared in the 18th World Puzzle Championship, Antalya (Turkey) with the name Ungerade Innenzahlen Rundweg which means that odd numbers inside the fences. I will be using Odd Inside Fence's name for this puzzle as this name immediately gives some information about this puzzle. This puzzle I created for the practice of the Indian Puzzle Team participating in the World Puzzle Championship 2009. I have created some more puzzles of this type, which I will be posting soon. Anyway, this Odd Inside Fences puzzle I am posting as the 36th puzzle in Mini Puzzles Series. Can you solve this Odd Inside Fences puzzle?

Rules of Odd Inside Fences puzzle

Draw a single continuous loop by connecting neighboring dots horizontally or vertically. The numbers inside the grid indicate how many edges of a cell are used for the loop. All odd numbers inside the loop are given. The loop cannot touch or cross itself.
Odd Inside Fences (Mini Puzzles Series #36)
Odd Inside Fences (Mini Puzzles Series #36)

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