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Last year I have been publishing only Sudoku puzzles on this website under three different Sudoku Series as mentioned below
The League of Extraordinary Ladies and Gentlemen
Mini Sudoku Series and
However, this website contains more Logical Puzzles than Sudoku Variations. I am putting these puzzles under the Fun With Puzzles Series. A list of these puzzles is given below

4 Minesweepers: M2

Easy As ABC puzzle Variations

ABC End View in Fences: A1

ABCD Second End View: EV6

ABCD Second End View: EV5


ABC Second End View: EV1 and EV2

Akkara Loop: A2

Akkara Loop: A1

Akkara Snake: A2

Akkara Snake: A1

Akkoy: A3

Akkoy: A4

Akkoy: A2

Hitori: H1

Alphabets in Fences: A1

Antaksari Snake: S1

Arrow Loop: A1

Arrow Loop: AL4

Arrow Loop: AL3

Arrow Loop: AL2

Indian Loop/ Arrow Loop: IL1

Battleships: B1

Black Or White: BW1

Black Pearl: BP2

Black Pearl: BP1

Cave: C1

Consecutive Loop: C2

Copycope: CS4

Copycope: CS3

Copycope: CS1

Copycope: CS2

Corral: C2

Crossing Masyu: C1

Different Neighbours: DN1

Direct Turn Loop: D1

Direct Turn Snake: D1

Star Battle/Star Wars: S1

Dot-Rundweg: D3

Dot-Rundweg: D2

Dotty Snake: D1

Double Skyscrapers: D1

Easy As Jigsaw ABC: E2

Easy As Jigsaw ABC: E1

Easy as Skyscrapers / ABCD Skyscrapers

Eminent D'OHmain/ Four Winds Variation: E2

Eminent D'OHmain/ Four Winds Variation: E1

Every Second Straight: E2

Every Second Straight: E1

Fences: F1

Fillomino Skyscrapers: F1

Four Squares: F2

Four Squares: F1

Galaxy: G1

Gappy Skyscrapers: G1

Paint By Numbers: P1

Hamle: H1

Hamle: H3

Hamle: H2

Heavy Top Skyscrapers: H1

Heyawake: H3

Heyawake: H1

Hitori: H1

Horse Snake: HS2

Ikebana: I1

Ikebana: I2

Inside/Outside Corral: C3

Inside/Outside Corral: C2

Japanese Sums: J1

Kuromasu: K4

Kuromasu: K3

Kuromasu: K2

Kuromasu: K1

LITS (Logical Puzzles Series #4)


Loop By Numbers: L3

Loop By Numbers: L2

Loop By Numbers: L1

Loop Painting: L1

Magnets: M1

Manifold Dividing

Masyu Snake: M1

Math Tapa: M2

Math Tapa: M1

MineSweepers in Loop: M1

Minesweepers Tapa: M1

Mini Kropki Sudoku: K2

Missing Digit Kakuro: M1

Top Heavy Number Place/More More: T1

Top-Heavy Number Place/More More: T2

Paint By Numbers: P1

Network: N1

Number Place - Skyscraper With Empty Space: NPS1

Nurikabe: N1

Outside Sum Tapa: O1

Outside Tapa: O1

Paint the Snake: P1

Palindrome ABCD End View: P1

Palindrome Skyscrapers: P1

Paravan: P4

Paravan: P5

Paravan: P2


Polygraph: P3

Polygraph: P2

Polygraph: P1

Prime Snake: P1

Product Kakuro

Product Pairs

Psycho Killer: P1

Rules of "Psycho Killer"

Quicksort: Q2

Slalom: S1

Range: R2

Range: R1

Skyscrapers in Fences: S1

Slalom: S1

Slash Pack: SP1

Smashed Sums: S2

Snail Skyscrapers: S1

Snake: S1

Sparse Skyscrapers: SS1

Stardust: S2

Step By Step: SBS2

Tripod Sudoku: TS2

Snail Sudoku

Little Killer Sudoku

Tapa: T3

Tapa: T2

Tapa Cave: T1

Tapa Logic: T1

Tapa Snake: T1

Tents: Puzzle T1

The Persistence of Memory: P3

The Persistence of Memory: P2

Toplamatik: T1

Top Light Number Place: T1




Triangular Skyscraper: TS1

Trid: T1

Tripod Sudoku

Tripod Sudoku: T2

Tripod Sudoku: TS2

Two Snakes: T1

Ungerade Innenzahlen Rundweg: U1

Next is What?

Wittgenstein Briquet: WB3

Wittgenstein Briquet: WB4

Wittgenstein Briquet: WB2

Wolves and Sheep in Fences: F2

Wolves in Polygraph: W1

Word Search: W2

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