Saturday, June 13, 2009

Black Pearl : BP2

Black Pearl appeared in US Puzzle Championship 2008 and I am sure that this will appear in 2009 championship also. Here is one more puzzle "Black Pearl".

Find a single closed loop passing through each of the numbered squares. The path passes through the centers of adjacent squares. When passing through a numbered square, the path must make a 90 degree turn and extends the corresponding number of squares in both directions.


  1. Nice puzzle. But I do not see anywhere to put BP2 times on the spreadsheet.

  2. My ID is zundevil. I'll drop by now and then and give these a go. You do some nice work!

  3. I have given you write access to spreadsheet. Do let me know if you are not able to edit it. It will be nice to know your timings.
    Best of Luck for the US Puzzle Championship


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