Tapa: T2

Once the instruction booklet of the US Puzzle Championship 2009, I created the following puzzles for the practice of this puzzle championship.
1. Eminent D'OHmain (4 Winds variation) 
2. Corral 
3. Triangular Skyscrapers 
4. Masyu 5. Yajilin (Nikoli puzzle, also known as "Arrow Rings")
6. Wolves and Sheep in Fences 
7. Inside/Outside Corral
Right now let me shift my focus to Oğuz Atay Puzzle Contest-6. I will be posting the above-mentioned puzzle once the "Oğuz Atay Puzzle Contest" is over. Tapa: This puzzle appeared in "Oğuz Atay Puzzle Contest-1" and now will be appearing in OAPC-6. Nowadays this puzzle has become a classic puzzle and is appearing in almost all the puzzle championships.

Rules of Tapa Puzzle

Paint some squares black to create a continuous wall. Number/s in a square indicates the length of black cell blocks on its neighboring cells. If there is more than one number in a square, there must be at least one white cell between the black cell blocks. Painted cells cannot form a 2x2 square or larger. There are no wall segments on cells containing numbers.
Logical Puzzles: Tapa

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