Eminent D'OHmain/ Four Winds Variation: E1

This puzzle I created for the practice of US Puzzle Championship 2009. This is standard "Four Winds" puzzle, except there will be exactly one unconnected square in each row and column. This is my first puzzle of this type, so easy one.

Eminent D'OHmain Rules

One or more horizontal or vertical lines are drawn from each numbered square. Lines cannot cross or overlap other lines or numbered squares. Each number indicates, how many squares are connected by its lines (the numbered squares themselves are not counted). Each empty square is connected by exactly one line, except for one square in each row and column, which will not be connected at all.

Logic Printable Puzzle: Eminent D'OHmain

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Anonymous said...

Is there another name to the Four Winds puzzle, cause into spanish we call it "lanzarrayos" but i cant find anyone in the internet. Thanks.