LITS (Mini Puzzles Series #2)

LITS is one of my favorite puzzle type. I first time saw this puzzle type in year 2009 and now it is appearing in Indian Puzzle Championship 2015This is the first puzzle of this type which I created for practice of Indian Puzzle Team participating in 18th World Puzzle Championship 2009. I have some more puzzles of this type, which I will be posting here later.
I am re-posting this LITS puzzle as 2nd puzzle in Mini Puzzles Series.
Rules of LITS Puzzle
Blacken four cells in each outlined area so that each area includes one tetromino shape. Tetrominoes may be rotated and/or mirrored. Blackened cells should form a single interconnected area which does not have any 2x2 square fully painted black. Same tetrominoes cannot touch each other from the sides, but they may touch each other diagonally.
Squares containing "X" should not contain any part of tetromino.
LITS (Mini Puzzles #2)
LITS (Mini Puzzles #2)

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