Indian Puzzle Championship 2015

Indian Puzzle Championship 2015
Indian Puzzle Championship 2015 will take place on 9th Aug, 2105 on Logic Masters India website. Purpose of this championship is to determine India Puzzle Champion 2015 and to select India Puzzle Team 2015 which will represent India at World Puzzle Championship 2015 to be held at Sofia Bulgaria in Oct 2015. 
After a repeated top performance by Prasanna, he is getting wild card entry to be part of Indian Team and other 3 members of Indian Team will be selected through this Indian Puzzle Championship (IPC) 2015. Amit, Rohan, Rakesh, Jaipal, Swaroop, Jayant, Anurag including myself will be fighting for the top 3 slots and to be part of Indian Puzzle Team.
Instruction booklet for this championship is released and it is contain mix of standard and new variations as mentioned below
Hidden Pairs
As Easy As ABC
As Easy As ABC [Numbers]
Gapped Kakuro
Statue Park
Regional Star Battle
Fillomino [Stars]
Not Alone
Full Tapa
Balance Loop
Loop The Loops
Three-Point Snake
Outside LITS
Some of the variations like Three-Point Snake, Fillomino [Stars] etc for completely new for me. However I will try to create some of these puzzle variations soon and publish it on this website. Do keep looking at the updates related to puzzles appearing in this championship.

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