ABC Second End View (Mini Puzzles Series #3)

Indian Puzzle Championship 2015 is going to include As Easy As ABC puzzle which is another name for ABC End View Puzzle and ABC nth End View named As Easy as ABC [Numbers]. This current puzzle comes in the middle of these puzzle variations. Here letters given outside are seen 2nd from that direction instead of being 1st or Nth. This puzzle type appeared 14th World Puzzle Championship in Eger, Hungry
This is a very old puzzle made by me. This very easy ABC Second End View puzzle is dedicated to my daughter "Evanthe Gupta". We call her Eva at home.

Rules of ABC Second End View

Enter the letters of the given word such that each letter is exactly once, in all of the rows and columns. One cell will remain empty in each row and column. The letters outside the grid show which letter you come across SECOND from that direction.

ABC Second End View Example

ABC Second End View (Mini Puzzles Series #3)
ABC Second End View (Mini Puzzles Series #3)

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