Manifold Dividing (Mini Puzzles Series #6)

This puzzle type appeared in ForSmarts Puzzle Booklet long back and World Puzzle Championship 2006 in Bulgaria. As this year's World Puzzle Championship is happening in Bulgaria itself with the same authors, there may be possibility of this puzzle type appearing again in WPC 2015. Lets wait for Instruction Book of this championship and see if this happens.
Anyway this puzzle I created long back in year 2006 was published it on this blog when I created this blog in year 2009. Now I am re-publishing this as 6th puzzle in Mini Puzzles Series.
Rules of Manifold Dividing
Divide the grid into some strips, 1-cell wide with length of tiles in the range given. No two strips can be the same, even if rotated. Some strips are already shown. Strips should be straight.
Manifold Dividing  (Mini Puzzles Series #6)
Manifold Dividing  (Mini Puzzles Series #6)

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