Summenbild Rundweg (Mini Puzzles Series #7)

I don't know the meaning of Summenbild Rundweg. Looks like this is the German name. This puzzle type appeared in Oguz Atay Puzzle Contest (OAPC) with this name and I created many puzzles of this type. I am retaining the same name for these puzzles. 
I am re-publishing this Summenbild Rundweg puzzle as the 7th puzzle in Mini Puzzles Series. Can you solve this Summenbild Rundweg puzzle?

Rules of Summenbild Rundweg puzzle

Draw a loop into the diagram along the dotted lines. Not all dots must be passed and the loop must not touch or cross itself. Each number outside the diagram represents one group of connected fields within the loop in this row/column. Each number is equal to the edges of the fields of its group which are used by the loop. Different groups must have at least one field outside the loop between them. The order of the numbers is the same as the order of the groups.
Summenbild Rundweg (Mini Puzzles Series #7)
Summenbild Rundweg (Mini Puzzles Series #7)

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