Thursday, August 6, 2015

Queen Sudoku (Daily Sudoku League #122)

This Sudoku type has appeared earlier with the name Queens Sudoku. In fact when I first created this Sudoku, I also called it Queens Sudoku. However during testing Prasanna pointed out that Queen Sudoku will be better name as there is only one number which represents the Queen. I agreed with him and renamed this Sudoku. Similar Sudoku type appeared as God Save the Queen Sudoku where one number represents God and other number represents Queen. No two Queens can see each other and God is always next to a Queen. Anyway this Sudoku does not contain the God to save Queen. 
I am posting this Queen Sudoku, as 122nd Sudoku in Daily Sudoku League.
Rules of Queen Sudoku
Classic Sudoku Rules apply. Additionally all digits 9 represent chess queens, these queens do not attack each other.
Queen Sudoku (Daily Sudoku League #122)
Queen Sudoku (Daily Sudoku League #122)
Queen Sudoku (Daily Sudoku League #122) Solution
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