Thursday, August 13, 2015

Fillomino Skyscrapers (Logical Puzzles Series #2)

There are many Skyscrapers puzzle variation and there are many Fillomino puzzle variation. This is quite good variation which mix both Skyscrapers puzzle and Fillomino puzzle. It appeared in Oguz Atay Puzzle Contest (OAPC) long back in year 2009 and this puzzle I created that time to prepare for OAPC contest and published it around Dec, 2009. 
Now I am re-publishing this Fillomino Skyscrapers as 2nd puzzle in Logical Puzzles Series.

Rules of Fillomino Skyscrapers puzzle

Write a number into each square of the grid. Fields with same numbers must form horizontally and vertically connected ranges, which consist of as many fields as the number indicates. Two different horizontally or vertically adjacent ranges may not have the same size. The numbers outside grid indicate how many buildings are visible from that direction.
Fillomino Skyscrapers (Logical Puzzles Series #2)
Fillomino Skyscrapers (Logical Puzzles Series #2)

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