ABCD Slitherlinks Puzzle: A Unique Logic Challenge

Rules of ABCD Slitherlinks

Enter the letters A to C exactly once, in all of the rows and columns. The letters outside the grid show which letter you come across First from that direction. Each letter uniquely corresponds to numbers 1 to 3. Find this correspondence and use the numbers to solve the Slitherlinks puzzle.

Rules of Slitherlinks

Draw a single closed loop by connecting neighboring dots horizontally or vertically (but not diagonally). A numbered square indicates exactly how many of its edge segments are used by the path.

Test Your Logic Skills with ABCD Slitherlinks Puzzle
ABCD Slitherlinks (Fun With Puzzles #1)

Challenge your logical thinking with the 1st puzzle in the Logical Puzzles Series - ABCD Slitherlinks. Connect the dots and decode the letter-number correspondence to conquer this brain-teasing game.

Explore the fascinating realm of logic puzzles with ABCD Slitherlinks, a brain-teasing challenge that combines elements of both Slitherlinks and letter-number correspondence. Originally created for the Contest for Best Logic Innovation in 2010, this puzzle has now found its way to puzzle enthusiasts worldwide.

In ABCD Slitherlinks, you must enter the letters A to C exactly once in each row and column. These letters outside the grid signify which letter you encounter first from that direction and correspond uniquely to numbers 1 to 3. Your task is to decipher this correspondence and use the numbers to solve the Slitherlinks puzzle, where you draw a single closed loop by connecting neighboring dots horizontally or vertically.

This game offers a unique twist on classic logic puzzles, requiring both deductive reasoning and careful observation to succeed. With its intricate challenges and intriguing gameplay, ABCD Slitherlinks is sure to captivate puzzle lovers of all levels. Can you connect the dots and conquer this cerebral conundrum?

3x6x6 Linked Sudoku (Daily Sudoku League #123) Solution
3x6x6 Linked Sudoku (Daily Sudoku League #123) Solution


Puneet said...

REQ: Is it possible to post these puzzles in a format where the puzzle can be filled in online? Alternatively, is it possible to offer this as downloadable and editable excel file?

Rajesh Kumar said...

Hi Puneet,
I am trying to cover as many different variations as possible, so it is very difficult to make the format for online solving. I tried for Sudoku but it took lot of time for writing the Sudoku Applet and still it is not in working condition. If I put the puzzles as editable excel file then puzzle will not be visible here and most of the people will not be able to see the puzzle if they don't have MS excel.

David Millar said...

Loving this variant Rajesh.

About the your comment and the comment by Puneet, one option you could use is Google Docs. You could post both an image copy of the puzzle as well as a Google Docs version with a spreadsheet that can be tried online. Just a thought.

Rajesh Kumar said...

Thanks Puneet an David for your suggestions. I will definitely look to put xls file of the puzzle in future so that one can download and try solving it without taking the printout.

Google docs share again if I give edit rights, then puzzle will not be same after some time as if one person changes, the change will be visible to others.

Looking forward for more such suggestions.