Even Odd Sudoku (Fun With Sudoku #84)

When it comes to easy Sudoku variations, Trio Sudoku, and Even Odd Sudoku top the chart. These are very good variations that kids can use to get into Sudoku variations solving. Recently I have created some Trio Sudoku and Even Odd Sudoku puzzles for kids' practice, which I will be posting on this blog soon.
Even Odd Sudoku is also known by the name Odd Even Sudoku. In this case, Odd cells are grayed. In Even Odd Sudoku, all even cells are grayed. We have further variations of this Sudoku type named Odd Sudoku or Even Sudoku in which some of the Odd or Even cells will be grayed respectively. 
This is my third Even Odd Sudoku and 84th Sudoku in the Fun With Sudoku Series. Can you solve this Even Odd Sudoku puzzle?
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Solution of Mini Puzzles Series puzzle titled Step by Step (Mini Puzzles Series #14)
Step by Step (Mini Puzzles Series #14) Solution
Step by Step (Mini Puzzles Series #14) Solution

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